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“Declaration of Non-avant-garde”

This amazing declaration is intended to treat media-art as a simple "thing",

or simple "material" in word of François Laruelle, a french (non-)philosopher.

Here is the "Declaration of Non-avant-garde", which insists following 2 principles:

1. Treating media-art, or any other medias or art-formats as a simple material,

 and thinking the way to treat those materials.
   An "mixture", such as that of pops and avant-garde music,

   tonal and atonal music, or local traditional instruments and western traditional   

   way, etc. is one of such materials,
   but this form must be strongly blamed because of its poverty of imagination.

2. Media-art must not be mere "Tech-demo", but expression of something.

(Masafumi Rio Oda)






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・現代映像メディアにおける「ノスタルジー」の特異性について―ドゥルーズの反復哲学の今日的 妥当性をめぐって(2019)




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